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Einar Meister, E-mail, Ph. D., senior researcher, head of the lab
Telephone: +372 620 4200
Room nr.: B313

Tanel Alumäe, E-mail, Ph.D., senior researcher
Telephone: +372 620 4201
Room: nr.: B314

Lya Meister, E-mail, PhD, researcher
Telephone: +372 620 4202
Room nr.: B315

Rainer Metsvahi, E-post, M.Sc., programmer
Telephone: +372 620 4202
Room nr: B315

Ottokar Tilk, E-mail, M.Sc., PhD student
Telephone: +372 620 4202
Room nr: B315

Former employees

Kairit Sirts, since July 2015 postdoc at Macquarie University, Australia

Rena Nemoto

Toomas Kirt

Mart Rohtla

Arvo Eek, dr phil 13.10.1937 – 9.07.2009

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